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Webby Manager
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  • Configuring DNS
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Webbynode Documentation

This is the main resource for learning how to use Webbynode.

For starters, we recommend you read our Installation section and then head over to the Quick Start guide. It will give you a walk through of how you can deploy a new application in five minutes.

If you're interested in other topics, check out the following resources:

Rapid Deployment Toolset

  • Introduction has an overview of what can be accomplished with our suite of rapid deployment tools;
  • Preparation, Bootstrapping, Publishing and Updating explains in details the application deployment and update cycle;
  • Troubleshoot summarizes the most common problems and solutions;
  • Security tells how our deployment engine configures access and what options you can control;
  • Engines section is a comprehensive list of supported engines and specific features available for them;
  • Handling DNS shows how to configure and maintain DNS settings for each application.

Webby Manager

  • Getting Started is a brief introduction of what's available on our web interface;
  • Deploying teaches how to deploy a Webby, preparing it for rapid deployment, or installing a barebones Linux distro;
  • Configuring DNS shows how you can have full customization of your domains;
  • Account Management is a walk through of account related tasks, like updating email, contact and billing info, checking invoices and so on;

Comments, Suggestions and Fixes

If you have any fixes for the documentation, please do one of the following:

  • fork our repo in GitHub, make the changes, and send a pull request (always preferred) or;
  • email, if you don't want to get your hands dirty.

For comments or suggestions, just email


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